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Miscellaneous Stories

Below is my collection of stories and songs. Please click on the links to read them. Songs are in "". 

Action Man

  • Viva Las Vegas - Team X-Treme visits Vegas and runs into... CSI and a character from Airwolf...(Crossover with CSI)

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • The Decision- Before the Day of Black Sun, Zuko reflects and comes to an important decision. Spoilers from Books 2 and 3.


  • The Human Factor - Cybersix learns what it means to be human. (crossover with Action Man)


  • Is It Angel Or Demon? - The sun sets over the stone gargoyles of Manhattan. Are they really stone...? A song to make you shiver.

  • Seeing Isn't Believing – Elisa’s first encounter with Goliath and how it changed her world....

  • Tears - Missing scene, explains Katharine’s attitude towards the gargoyles from "Long Way To Morning" to "The Awakening: Part 1."

  • "My One True Weakness" - A tribute to the episode Eye of the Beholder... from Xanatos's perspective.

  • Last Flight Out - Elisa's thoughts. Prelude to episode Revelations. Co-authored with Vathara!

  • Wheels and Wings - With Brode and Dracon behind bars, the stage is set for a new criminal organization to move in, The Outfit. Detective Elisa Maza and the Viper Team team up against a common foe. (Crossover with Viper)

  • A Guardian Born - With Oberon and his "Children" gathered in Avalon, the Dark Ones return to the world. All that stands in their way is the guardian of the Manhattan gargoyles; continuation of Wheels and Wings (Crossover with Viper)

  • The Egg - While on patrol, Goliath responds to a Breaking and Entering, but the thief is a surprise to Goliath. Story 3 in the "Wheels and Wings" series. (Crossover with Viper)

  • Unguarded - Elisa has been stricken with a curse, and it's up to the Viper team to save her... Wheels and Wings IV! (Crossover with Viper)

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Godzilla the series

  • "Miss Timmond's Version" - Nick and Audrey have a little conversation over dinner...

  • Stuck on the Bumper - Ever wonder what would happen if Randy had the ability to make bumper stickers for H.E.A.T.? Collaboration with Vathara.


  • Beginnings - Prequel to A Visitor in the Night... How Yayoi and Shido met. My own version.

  • Split Decision - Alternative ending to Night 4: The Golden Dawn... :)

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Vampire Hunter D

  • "Twilight's Child" - After seeing the movie Vampire Hunter D, two words stuck in my mind (the title) and I decided to write a song...

  • The White Witch - A nixie queen threatens a young man whom she's become attracted to and D has to save the day! changed the ending, etc.

  • "Lone Rider" - The sequel to Twilight's Child, reuploaded so the lines scan better.

  • Curse of the Count - D is hired to slay a vampire lord and rescue the mayor's daughter...

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  • "Who Am I?" - A tribute to Joe Astor/Michael Payton. ...kinda a theme song for Viper
  • "It Can Be That Way Again" - In the original Pilot, Joe and Delia meet at an overlook, after Joe discovers that his amnesia was no accident. This is a song inspired by the scene.
  • A Look In the Mirror - Joe Astor locks horns with a deadly female equivalent of his former identity and rediscovers himself. Based off the Viper 1994 season. Includes a short summary of that season.
  • Amends - When singer Tina Correr comes to town, Joe begins to feel the repercussions of "A Look In The Mirror." Story 2 in this 1994 season AU.
  • Grease - Joe and the Viper team must come to the aid of Sally Gerraro before it's too late... Based off the First Season.

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  • Dark Magic Rising - Someone jumps Tea in a dark alley... and he's after the Millennium Necklace... AU after the Battle City Finals

  • Some Nights… - After ep. Mind Games... Short bit of Mai's thoughts...

  • Breaking Glass - In the aftermath of the Battle City Finals, new enemies seek the Millennium Items. Hery-Sesheta has returned and summoned the Lady of Nightmares to lure Yugi & Joey into a trap. Sequel to "Dark Magic Rising."

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  • "One Fic at a Time" - A spoof on Johnny Cash's One Piece at a Time. In honor of fanfiction writers everywhere!

Original Stories

  • "Mirella's Star the song" - A ghost ship haunts the deepest, blackest part of space... Hear its tale... Theme song for my novella by the same name.
  • "Rider of Dragons" - The origin of one kind of dragon rider, written in song form.
  • Take That, Horror Stories! - Yes, parents, beware! I have taken the typical horror story and reduced it to a pile of... erm... something. ...Too little sleep and lack of inspiration has some straaaange results... Unfinished.
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